Burman Bears


Mohair is made from one of nature`s finest sources for natural fiber, the Angora goat.  This special fur is very long and naturally wavy. When sheared (this usually occurs twice a year) it is called mohair.

The term "mohair" is derived from the Arabian word "Muhayar" which literally means "the fabric of goat hair". Despite the name similarity there is no relation to the Angora rabbit. 

Angora goats are a delicate animal and are very sensitive to temperature change.  This requires a dependable mild climate.  Summers not so hot that the meadows dry out and winters not too cold. In the entire world there are only three regions that
consistently meet these ideal conditions: Texas, USA, South Africa and Turkey.

The fur of the Angora goat is naturally white, curly and shiny. Its fibers have a remarkable strength when made into a pile fabric. These characteristics together with the noble appearance, silky feel and sheen make mohair one of the finest fibers offered by nature. 

Since 1901 the Reinhard Schulte factory has produced teddy bear material of 100% pure mohair! All weaving, dyeing, distressing, curling, waving and processing is done entirely in their factory to control the production process